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City of Huntsville

308 Fountain Circle Southwest, Huntsville, AL, 35801, US



For more information, contact, or (256) 427-5070


If any person or business desires to make voluntary tax payments to the City of Huntsville (“City”) and requests that certain conditions be applied, the following Voluntary Tax Disclosure Agreement must be completed.


  1. Read the following agreement.
  2. Complete the information requested in each blank
  3. Sign the agreement (signer must be an authorized official of the taxpaying entity, or it’s duly authorized legal representative (for which a power-of-attorney authorization must be provided)
  4. Prepare a schedule that shows the tax amount to be paid for each month in question, as follows:
  • A general description about the nature of the business activities to which the taxes pertain.
  • Type of tax (sales, etc.)
  • Month
  • Amount
5. Attach the schedule to this form (pop up will appear after submission) or print this form and mail the agreement and schedule to: City of Huntsville Finance Department P.O. Box 308 Huntsville, AL 35804-0308 Attn: Confidential Tax Information

City Processing

Upon receipt of the agreement, the City will determine if it will execute the agreement. You will be notified if the City does not accept your request. If the City will execute the agreement, it will determine the interest that is due, determine the penalty that is due (if applicable and non-waiveable), and return an executed copy of the agreement to you with an invoice for the total amount due. CITY OF HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA
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