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City of Huntsville

308 Fountain Circle Southwest, Huntsville, AL, 35801, US

Application for Annexation

For an annexation request, the Planning Division requires completion of the Application for Annexation, including the Demographic Questionnaire and the Statement Regarding Provision of City Services, and a copy of the current recorded deeds for the properties proposed to be annexed. A property must be contiguous to the current city limits in order to be annexed into the city of Huntsville.

Once the completed annexation application is returned to the Planning Division, the planning staff will create an official Petition for Annexation. The Petition for Annexation must be signed by the property owners or their legally authorized representative and must also be notarized. Information contained in the Application for Annexation will be forwarded to city agencies and service providers for input regarding their ability to provide services to the properties proposed to be annexed. The responses from these agencies and service providers will be taken into consideration before action is taken on the request for annexation. The annexation process requires 1 to 2 months for completion. Property owners will receive a letter of certification of annexation once the annexation process is complete.

The Application for Annexation must include a copy of the current recorded deeds for the properties proposed to be annexed.
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Application for Annexation

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Your application will not be considered until you have talked with a City Planner. Call 256-427-5100 to schedule a meeting.

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